The Taxpayers - A Matter Of Simple Deduction Lyrics

release date: 2010
length: 1:44

I was walking alone in an unfamiliar town when the buildings started to shiver and shake
Shimmering rain came down in sheets and then glittered like glass on the empty streets
I could see your face in the wind;
I could hear the orchestral storm begin to sing:
“It's the end, it's the goddamn end! Come on, baby, light that fire!”

It's a matter of simple deduction
It's a matter of complete control
You can hold hands with the man in the tower
But you just can't guarantee a place for your soul

So there I was, right? Stuck in the street
Not a soul for miles, on my own two feet
Glittering glass, piles of trash, stuttering into the w-w-wind
I could see your face in the air
I could taste your skin on my lips
But this is the end, this is the END! Come on, baby, light that fire!

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Windows Break
  • 2 And The Damn Thing Bit Him!
  • 3 Rapid Movements In A Bottle
  • 4 Everything Is Awful
  • 5 Geodesic Prison Song
  • 6 Louisiana Hot Sauce Rainy Nights
  • 7 Everybody Just Stood There
  • 8 The Cold Front
  • 9 A Matter Of Simple Deduction
  • 10 Some Kind Of Disaster Relief
  • 11 It Gets Worse Every Minute
  • 12 My Brother Isn't Dying
  • 13 Let The Wheel Turn Slowly